I took some construction photos of our new office. The place is really shaping up. I will be up there on Tuesday turning on our Internet T-1’s and testing our first voice T-1. I should have some nice pictures then. The carpet should be done by then.

Everyone is stressing about our new huge project, but they are not talking about Kingston. Our business folks and our development team are freaking out over another project that is taking up all of there time. It is huge, and can be a massive success if we finish it on time and as advertised. I am freaking out because I have things to deliver for this other project, and I have to complete everything for Kingston. I am starting to worry if I will finish everything in time.

Our racks are not ordered yet because until tuesday I have no place to put them. I need power strips for the dam telecom room, but I cannot use them until the electrical is done. They are special plugs that you cannot just go out and buy at the hardware store. I have our initial batch of 25 computers waiting to ship. I got 3 to play with, and Joe is working on building a standard for them.

I have 1 of the 2 main Domain Controllers for the network built, but no security setup yet. I built a test domain so I can see if what I want to do will work without messing up my new production system.

I just ordered our tape drive unit. that should arrive this week. I then have to replace it with my current office’s system and setup the old one for kingston.

I haven’t even bought the hardware or software for anti virus and ghosting yet. Plus I need to setup network monitoring on a network that doesn’t even exist yet.

On top of that, Keith has to get me working Pix firewall’s by August 4th. I am also waiting for a revised network configuration for our Data Center that has to go out no later than the 7th of next month. Once that is done daniel can finish the new FTP server system we are deploying. I just ordered the hardware for that.

And if all that isn’t enough I have to make more room in the call center for more rep’s since we will need them before kingston is online. There is probably more that I am not even remembering right now.

Oh and don’t forget the Verizon strike scheduled for next Saturday.

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