I have had the SE HBH-10, the HBH-30, and now the HBH-65. Pretty much all three generations of SE’s bluetooth headsets. I have also had the Motorola gen 1 headset. The first couple of generations of the SE’s needed work. So far this new headset seems ok.

I made several calls with it paired to my SE T610. All were loud and mostly clear. Miguel said that he heard background hum when I called, but he could hear me clearly. Everyone else had no complaints about it.

making calls was easy. When the phone was paired to the headset it just switched over to the headset when dialing a call.

Recieving calls has been a bit trickier. I am still working on getting the headset to answer the call without having to transfer the call from the phone to the headset.

The headset fits nice in my ear. It is really small. I thought it would be bigger, but I am not upset by it being so small. I just hope I don’t break it like I did my motorola.

I am going to try and use it allot in the next 2 days while I am in Kingston. Hopefully I will iron out all the kinks with it.

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