I have booked my movers. I have reserved the date to move in both buildings (old and new). now all I have to do is pack. I haven’t done anything yet. I will try and start this weekend. Moving is expensive. It will be costly to pay people to do it for me, but I think I am passed the moving your self phase.

I have my cable install date already. I have my phone in my old place ready to be canceled. the only thing I haven’t done is cancel my cable at my current place. Then it is address move request forms.

I cannot wait to do this. I think this move will be good. I am looking forward to my new place. I hope I really do appreciate the shorter commute now.

This weekend I will help Jayson move into his new place. he is currently in Georgia en route to NYC. He should be here by Saturday morning.

I am currently en route to kingston. Kai and I are doing a network upgrade tonight. I tried to sleep in, but couldn’t. I was up by 9AM today. I caught a much earlier train than I was planning.

Looks like Kai couldn’t sleep either. he called and is on his way to the office now also. he will beat me in.

I just hope I am not tired later tonight when we start the work. I am not feeling 100% right now, but I am not hurting in a bad way either. My problem is when I goto kingston I tend to get migraines. Not sure if it is the travel or what but most of the trips I end up needing migraine medication. I hope today is the exception to that rule.

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