I did what I like to normally do on a holiday weekend. I did nothing special. It is melodramatic to some extent I guess. I just don’t like doing huge crazy plans that involve lots of travel on the holidays. Maybe it is because in 1999 & 2000 I was on a plane or somewhere other than home on every major holiday.

Saturday I did some sleeping. I was still out of whack from my Thursday to friday overnight. After I got that out of my system I went to the city to help Jayson and Gretchen move into their new place. Man I haven’t done manual labour like that in a while. I wont understand why I help all my friends move, but I pay for movers!!! I just dont want to deal I guess. The commute to the city wasn’t so bad. I drove to my sisters place and parked, then took the subway to the city. Jayson’s dad drove me back to my car later when we were done. I slept well that night.

Sunday I did some errands. I went to the mall, best buy, and staples. I got a new mouse to replace my logitech wireless optical that had the rubber surfaces coming off of it. I got a Microsoft wireless optical this time. it was cheap. I also got packing tape and some box’s for my move.

Rich and Amanda came over and I cooked up the last of my Fresh Direct steaks and some sword fish. We then hung out on my terrace and watched the fireworks. You could see everything all the way to manhattan. We were even able to see the display going off by the seaport. it was really nice.

Today I packed, and did some work. I had allot of issues that pilled up since I was in kingston thursday and friday. Now it is off to work tomorrow.

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