My Tivo is packed for my move. Last night I wanted to finish as much as I could today so it is away now. I wont have it on until thursday the earliest. that is the longest I have gone without my tivo recording stuff form me since I got it in September 2001. I don’t want to imagine all the things it is not watching for me:)

It is another rainy day in NYC. It will be muggy in the office with poor AC. Today is filled with no less than 4 meetings for me. Spaced just far enough apart that I won’t get anything meaningful done between them:( I need to get stuff done today, since I want to leave early tomorrow to finish any loose ends up with my move.

Late last night I was able to install the Entourage palm connector for Office 2004 on my laptop. I got my Treo to sync up with my Powerbook. Now I can try to use the powerbook as my PIM instead of my Thinkpad. Not sure if outlook will go away completely, but I want to use Entourage a bit more to see if I like it. For now the syncing with my palm, pc laptop and two mac’s is actually working. No corrupt data yet. That will happen when I try to edit entries in more than one place at the same time.

After work today I need to get more box’s from staples. Then I have to bring over a bunch of stuff to my parents place. They want an air mattress. I have bedding for them. I have some of my dad’s tools. I also need to give my dad some loose change (about 5 pounds of it) to sift through. He likes to look through change for anything out of the ordinary.

I also have more stuff to throw out. I am trying to get rid of as much as possible that I don’t need.

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