The move happens in 3 days. I am starting to freak a bit. Everything needs to go off perfectly or I will have problems. My doubts about if the movers can move everything from one apartment to another between 8AM and 4PM is really starting to worry me. getting from my old place to my new apartment after the movers finish at my old place but before the cable guys show up at 2PM is also in question.

I have most, but no all my stuff packed. I still have the computers, some clothing, some kitchen ware, and stereo to pack. not sure if I have enough box’s. Of course I was never sure. I may go buy more today.

I went to Ikea with Jayson and Gretchen yesterday. I didn’t see anything that would get me to throw out my current living room wall unit, so I am stuck with it for this move. It will be the single biggest problem to move. I just hope that it doesn’t slow down the movers too much to cause an issue I haven’t been to Ikea in ages. Some of the stuff was nice, the rest was obviously cheap.

Another reason I haven’t been to that store in a while is traffic. We sat in construction traffic going out there, and accident traffic coming back. Another reason why I am moving into manhattan.

I went to Amy’s surprise 30th birthday party yesterday. It was nice, but I don’t speak to many of the people I saw outside of holidays. Because of that it is always awkward. Family events like that are weird. They aren’t really family, but my family is so close and we have known each other so long we are closer than my real family. So it had the look and feel of a family event. Baby Rily was very cute. Unfortunately baby Morgan was unavailable. She had another birthday party to goto. I hopefully get to see her when I get my sisters jeep on Wednesday night. I will do dinner with them if I am done packing by then. I just hope that I am done packing by then.

It is funny, I was all worried that I would have extra tickets to the van that takes me to the train. It turns out I will be 1 day short on them. that works out perfectly for me. I just bought 2 round trip tickets for today and tomorrow for the rail road. I will play Wednesday by ear and decide then if I want full fare or off peak. It turns out that a weekly LIRR ticket is cost effective if you goto manhattan 3 or more times in a week. For me it was a toss up since I was not sure if I would be coming home from work on Wednesday regular time or early. It was better to pay a few extra bucks and not be locket into a ticket in the long run.

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