It is getting down to the wire. I packed almost everything last night. All that is left is my bedding, some clothes, and a few loose ends. I have 2 extra box’s for that crap. I am also going to pack an overnight bag with stuff just in case I cannot find my clothing Friday.

The game plan is to goto my sisters tonight when my mom is baby-sitting morgan. Get her truck, and empty it of all the baby crap. Then drive it home and park it for the night. Thursday while the movers are packing up their truck, I will pack up the jeep with the things they can’t move or I don’t want them to move. Then when the movers are done with my apartment, my dad and I will drive the jeep to the new apartment and hopefully unpack it before the movers get there.

I was going to leave work early today and finish up anything I forgot to do, but I cannot get the jeep until later since I don’t know when my sisters nanny will be around. I have to wait for my mom to get to her place since I don’t have a key. I also may get to see Ms. Morgan then also. if I went during the day I might not see her.

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