The move went surprisingly well. Turns out I was very nervous for nothing. The movers I picked were very fast. They showed up early and we were out of my old apartment by like 10:30Am. The whole thing was done by 1:30PM. They put back together both wall units without major issues. My living room wall unit had some stripped screws so my dad and I will fix that later, but everything else was fine. I was worried about the sharing the elevator to move for nothing. The other people moving at my old place never showed up.

My sisters truck came in handy. We packed it up and my dad and I drove that into the city. Gretchen met us at my new place so she could stay with the movers while my dad sat in the truck and I brought stuff upstairs. My dad was able to take off early and even get some work done. Gretchen and I went to bed bath and beyond to buy crap. I took her to lunch for her help. It was nice to have a move go off without major issues.

Because the movers were fast, the cost was allot less than I thought it would be. That was nice also.

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