It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in manhattan. What to do? Skate in central park of course. I broke out my Roller Blades and decided to do some exercise. I know, what was I thinking? Actually I used to roller blade several miles a week back in the day (aka college). I figured it was time to do it again.

I didn’t believe anyone when they said the park was great. It is. There is a whole road that is closed off just for jogging, biking and blading. And because it was a nice day, there were nice looking ladies out. Hey I am a single guy, so it is ok to look…

My back started to hurt after like 30 minutes, so I didn’t stay out for long. Now you can say that my back hurt because I was out of shape, but that would be incorrect. I always had issues with that part of my back when I roller bladed. I am not sure if it was how I bladed, or if I just have a bad back. I need to slowly build up to where I was before. It has been like 6 years since I roller bladed regularly. I hope to get 2 sessions in a week during the summer. I am not crazy enough to think I can do it during the week, but on the weekends nothing is stopping me from doing it.

Next time I hope to go further on the path. I always like exploring new areas, and roller blading, so this is a good combination.

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