My first night out on the town in the city was a nice and low key. I met people from work to watch the company softball game. It was a slaughter. We got killed. I didn’t see the end of the game though. AJ hurt his foot in outfield so I helped him off the field with many other peoples help. I can’t lift people like some of the other big guys at work can. I stayed with him until we determined the injury was bad enough to warrant an ER visit. By then Gus showed up and he road with him to the ER. I wasn’t big enough to go alone with AJ to the ER. I couldn’t help him in and out of the cab as well as Gus could.

After the game we meet up at a bar and drank for a while. Then we went to see Anchorman. It was a funny movie.

Took the subway home and it took me less than 15 minutes to get home. it was awesome…

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