So far I am loving living in manhattan. It has been easy to get around, and I am doing allot. The down side to that is easy getting around, and doing stuff costs allot. I need to budget my going out money.

Taking cabs will also be done on a limited basis. they are fast but costly. I am happy with my unlimited ride metro card. That should get me around most places.

Tuesday a bunch of us went to dinner at old town tavern. I cut out after dinner but everyone else went to see Faranhight 9/11. I refuse to see another Mike Moore movie. That doesn’t mean I am a republican though!

Wednsday Jayson and I hit outback. I ate so much I could barely walk to the train.

Saturday Jayson and I went shopping, and hung out at both my place and his. I went to bed bath and beyond and got some bathroom stuff and cleaning supplies. I now can take a normal shower with a new shower head. We also went to the apple store, but see a different post for that information.

Today I hung out and cleaned. Then I meet up with my family for my mom’s birthday dinner.

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