I have been self hosting my website and email for several years now. I figure if I can manage websites and email servers for my company I can do it myself. Well it costs some money to make sure that my personal server at home is up and running. I pay for dynamic DNS (don’t have a static address) and I also pay to have backup mail catching (in case my mail server goes down) Both fee’s together are a bit of money, not allot but more than free.

I found a web hosting provider that gives me over a gig of storage for my site, over 400 email address’s and other great stuff all for under $10 a month. I just signed up for a 30 day trial. Paying a host may seem crazy if you do what I do, but it is only a little more than what I am paying to self host now, and I don’t have to worry about keeping my server up and running. Since I have moved, my site has been down since I have been too busy to deal with it. I got it up today, but I don’t want to leave the server plugged in.

Since my dynamic dns and mail storage contracts are up next month I figured now was the time to try out hosting again. a gig of space is double what I need right now. I think I can grow into that for a while. Also the provider I am trying out is a Cnet editors choice. I like Cnet so I will take their recommendation. Hopefully things work out. For now my blog will stay where it is.

Once I am settled into my new provider I will also clean up my site. I hope to play around with some more fireworks pages, or some flash. This is all time permitting.

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