After several months more than I had originally planned I have a new iPod to replace the one I sold way back in March/April. I got a new 40-gig model. it is nice. I was at the apple store for something else and saw they had the new models on sale earlier than I had thought so I got one. It is all charged up for the commute tomorrow.

I don’t like that it didn’t come with a case or a remote, but everything else about it is good so far. I gave it a little spin last night when I was doing my laundry, but the trip to work tomorrow will be its real test.

I also got a new 20″ Flat panel from the apple store. I needed a big screen to replace the screen I had on my iMac. I really missed the large wide screen flat screen. now that I sold the iMac I had to do something. It set me back a bit, but I had some cash from the iMac sale. So far the screen rocks. I plugged it into the powerbook and I was off. Now I need a DVI KVM so I can plug in my windows box to it. The only problem is most consumer DVI KVM’s or any KVM for that matter can only do 1600×1200 dpi. The flat panel does a little higher resolution than that. I am shopping around now.

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