Everyone is asking when I am going on vacation? I haven’t gone in a while and it is becoming apparent that I need to chill out for a while. The next question is where to go? I have pondered this in previous blogs. I have several ideas about what to do. I have prepared myself for the simple fact that some of my ideas were never going to happen due to several factors.

Now things may have taken a turn for the better. A friend of mine has an a crazy last minute idea that we are trying to see if it will work out. If so I will have news soon. If not, we will never speak of it again. All I can say is I am excited if it can happen. I can’t sleep. Of course I couldn’t sleep all week because of other reasons, so I don’t know if my current insomnia is due to a potential vacation plan or that I just cannot sleep.

If you got through this post and actually understand some of what I just said, you are as crazy as i. Enough rambling…

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