We saw Heath perform at the Inprov NY comedy club tonight. I have never seen his act before. I lived in queens and never wanted to stay in the city so late to see the act. I was missing out. He was very funny. A bit raunchy, but it was very funny. Since it was allot of up and coming comedian’s some (half or more) weren’t that good. The others like Heath were very funny. Was it worth the money I spent? Probiby, since we all had a good time. Next comedy club we hit is Dangerfields.

Earlier in the day I headed out to Macy’s in Herald Square. I needed to get some shopping done. I wanted to go before the RNC convention starts Monday. I am avoiding that area all week. Got some work clothes and some hanging out stuff.

I am hearing that Union Square will be the protest central next week. That is good news for the RNC in Madison Square Garden, but not good for me who works right by Union Square. We don’t know how bad it will be, but I heard 250,000 people protesting down there. I have been to Union Square countless times, and I don’t know where they are putting a quarter million people. it is a big place, but I don’t think it is that big. If it is bad monday, I am working from home tuesday.

I have to go pack for the Company picnic tomorrow…

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