I had a good time at the company picnic on Sunday. We had it in upstate NY. The company rented a bus and brought the NYC people up there. We had a good time. The place was very nice. They had a lake, a pool and lots of open land.

Our NYC softball team played the Kingston people in a game. It was fun. I got really sore from running. I didn’t even run that much, but I am out of shape. I didn’t realize how out of shape until I ran that little and could barely walk afterward.

It was a nice day. it was not too hot out. I got to jump in the bouncy gym by myself. I didn’t get egg on me from the egg toss. And I ate allot of BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs.

I got a lift home with Glenn instead of taking the bus back to the office. Got dropped off a block from my place. Not bad.

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