I have taken the plunge. I have left my cushy free hosting provider. My friend had a problem with his linux server. I almost lost 2 months worth of posts. That was a big scare, but not the reason I moved. In the end Gus got the box up and I was able to backup my stuff. If I didn’t have a backup that was my fault anyway.

Gus now has to rebuild that box at some point. I will be down for that. That was a motivating factor in my decision. The simple fact is I have been eyeing a different solution for my blog for some time. I actually am now trying out SixApart’s (If you are from mars, they make MoveableType) Typepad. Typepad is a pay service, but they offer more functionality than the free moveabletype. Most of my website now consists of just my blog entries, so I am trying the free trial out. Then if I like it I will fork over the nine bucks or so a month for the hosting.

The one problem I have run into is the fact that I cannot get blog.Scott.ac to resolve to the new typepad site. Turns out they offer domain aliasing but only for www.sitename.com, not somethingelse.sitename.com. I am going to email them and see if they can get this to work. I don’t want to redirect my entire site to my blog. If I cannot get typepad to resolve blog.Scott.ac, then I will loose all my links and people wont find the site. Not that many people view it, but it will be annoying.

I am trying out a new look on the Typepad site. Not as out there as the yellow and black look of the old site. Let me know what you think.

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