So I have been told by several people to try “online dating”. I have setup profile’s on at least two popular dating sites last year, and didn’t do very much with them. At the time I didn’t have to. I got setup with my ex-girlfriend so I didn’t need to go online. Well I said I got setup with ex, I am currently single. I have no more excuses not to go out and find someone. Except the online searching for a girlfriend freaks me out. I know it is totally cool and all, but I just can’t get over how weird I originally thought the concept was. of course I first heard about online dating in the mid 90’s when it was weird. not it is the thing to do.

I checked out again today. My friend Cynde really pushed me to checking it out. they have really evolved their site. They actually ask some really personal questions, but I assume it helps.

I am going to spend some time cleaning up and updating my online profile. I need to get over my reservations and do it…

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