So with Typepad I have been having a problem with the old url of this site. I mentioned the issue the other day. Turns out I may have had a partial solution the whole time. My DNS provider has a url redirector service for free with my Custom DNS package. provides dynamic DNS options. it is really cool. I have been using them for just about a year (i just renewed my service this week). You set your domain to use their DNS servers, and you can control your domain from their web interface. That is not anything new. does that for free. What is cool is if you host your site on a dynamic ip address their service will automatically update the DNS whenever the IP of your box changes. I also had a function where their system stored my email if my mail server went down. They are very helpful for the self hosted person.

Dyndns has a feature called mywebhops. It is now taking the old URL and just redirecting to the new url of this blog. Now if you try to hit the old home page, you will get redirected to the new site. The only thing this wont do is keep all the embedded links that google has spidered. I will just have to wait until google spiders the new site.

I will know if this whole thing works after the DNS changes propagate. Hopefully in a day or sooner.

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