I took this long holiday weekend and did something productive. Well actually I took 3 hours or so of it and scanned a whole bunch of old documents. My office just bought 2 high speed scanners that have document feeders. I plugged on into my laptop and just dropped 40 pages at a time in the feeder and scanned. it even does double sided papers. Jayson gave me the idea a few weeks ago. I finally had time to do allot of my stuff.

I scanned almost all my old bills and statements. I like to do that. I want everything electronic. I scanned a bunch of old report cards and other crap I had left over my parents saved from my pre college days. I even scanned a bunch of really old medical records, letters, and stuff from elementary school. it was kind of cool going through this old stuff. I maybe scanned 500 pieces of paper today. I have a big stack of scanned stuff locked in a drawer at work. If all the documents are backed up I will begin to shred the originals.

Now all I need to do is make a DVD backup everything and the job will be complete. I should begin to do this every few months so I don’t have extra papers lying around. My goal is to have everything electronically stored. It saves space. And is easier to search.

This entry was written while listening to Right Now from the album Live Volume 2 by Van Halen

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