Today I walked around Central Park with Amanda & Rich. We originally went out foraging for food. We found a nice burger place on 86th & Lex that has mini hamburgers. It was good. We then walked to the park. We saw the big lake. We walked on the jogging path. We even hung out near the botanical gardens.

The weather was nice, so it wasn’t so bad being out doors. We hung out in the shade and it was breezy. It was a perfect day. The park is always nice on a weekend (holiday). The garden was cool. I live less than a mile from it, and I had no clue it was there. Amanda is good at finding cool places.

On the walk back to my place we hit the Museum of NYC. We checked out the gift shop. We didn’t see any exhibits. We didn’t want to pay, and we were already tired from walking all over. Also on the way back I saw where the Metro North trains come aboveground on Park Ave. it is cool watching the trains go by.

I am glad I put my sneakers on because my feet would really be hurting right now if I did all that walking in my Doc Martins. We finished off the afternoon by just hanging by my place. Amanda needs to come out and visit again when she has a day to kill. I am going to have her help me decorate my place.

Now the work week begins soon:( I liked my 4 days off. I don’t want to work again.

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