Yesterday Jay and I had to deal with a domain controller crash. it is never good when a box crash’s, but it is even worse when it doesn’t come back after a crash. A rather important domain controller (they all are important I guess) totally died yesterday. We ended up spending 3 hours at our lovely (and very cold) data center bringing online a replacement. The good news is we sort of know what we are doing, so we had alternate DC’s online, but we still acted quick to get a replacement server up. I never like running with less DC’s (Windows Domain Controller) than normally. If you loose all of them, no one can log into the servers.

Due to that yesterday was kind of stressful. To users, nothing really was down, but we were busy. Along with the DC being gone we have to re-setup 2 applications that will take a while to get exactly like we had setup before. I just love having more work.

Today was taken up by meetings. I maybe had 1 1/2 hours of no meetings today. Have I mentioned I don’t like meetings? These meetings were actually productive, but I still don’t like meetings.

I should have gone home right away after I heard the Subway flooded. It rained allot last night. I waited while at least 3 subway trains went by totally full. I was dripping with sweat from the heat in the station. By the 4th or so train I just pushed into one, like everyone else. I got luck and room opened up further into the train and I was not too bad off. that is why people do push into trains people. Because it is crowded by the door and opens up a bit further inside the train. Lesson is move into the middle of the train. I ended up even getting a seat halfway through my trip. The down side was it took me almost 3 times as long to get to work as it normally does. That should have been the sign to go home and get back into bed! Speaking of bed. It is time for me to turn in. I got little sleep last night, and I have a poker game tomorrow night that may go late. Sleep is a premium recently!

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