I have been really stressed out recently at work. Some friends recently pointed that out to me. I have been feeling run down, but didn’t know that it was showing. Turns out it is. I need a vacation. I think/hope that will make things a bit better. On that note I will be off to Vegas next week for a few days. I am going to hang out with my friend Sean, and his wife Kelly.

Hopefully 1 night at a nice hotel getting the 5 star treatment, and then 3 days of hanging with friends that I don’t get to see too often will calm me down a bit. This trip is made possible by the Delta SkyMiles points I earned at Datastream. Delta ripped me off on the amount of points needed for a ticket since it was a short notice trip. That is the new thing airlines do. But at this point I didn’t care. I still have tons (and I mean tons) of points to use on travel.

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