Today we had a poker game. Dan had 10 people over and we had a nice round of Texas Hold em. I can’t spell the game (or anything else for that matter), but I can sort of play it. We had a good game. It started early so it finished up early. I started out strong with a few hands, then I got beaten down a bit, especially by Miguel. Then I ended up staying in and coming in 2nd. Not bad out of 10 players. I got a nice chuck of the pot. Miguel played loud, and intense. he took a bunch of my money. Jack took some of his money and dan took both of their money. John never had a decent hand and got blown away. Alyssa and Joseph also got out early on. Heather and Igor fell in the middle. Gus and jack ended up both going out on the same hand and tied for 3rd and it came down to Jack having a better high card in order to take 3rd and make his money back.

It was down to Dan and I for 1st & 2nd place. Everyone thought I had a chance, but dan had more than triple the amount of chips that I had. I got out in like 3-4 hands. I was happy to make a bit of cash and not loosing anything.

I learned allot from tonight’s game. I learned that Joseph, and Heather are new, but decent players. John may or may not be a good player, but luck was not on his side tonight. Jack is good, and conservative. He had some chances to go head to head with some people and he backed down. Other times he got into the mix and came out on top. To me he was the one to watch tonight. Dan was good as always. Gus also is hit or miss. Looks like luck was not on his side tonight, but he still made 4th place.

It was a fun game. It turns out there was some contention regarding this game tonight. Dan could not host more than 10 people. he couldn’t have 2 tables, so 10 was the max he could do. Their was about 20 or so people who wanted to play. he couldn’t even invite friends from out of work like he normally does. Their was so many people who wanted to play at least 2 people got upset about not being invited. One of who I didn’t even know liked to play poker. Honestly I didn’t want her to play either. She probably wouldn’t be quiet during the game. Their were others who ended up getting left out, but didn’t seem to take it badly, or didn’t know that a game was on. That just shows you that you can’t please everyone all the time, and adults can act like children if given the chance. Of course this is from someone who was at the game and never even “officially” asked to play. It was just assumed I would play until Dan asked me on tuesday. I don’t play allot but I am always down for a good fun poker game.

Now I hope my luck lasts until I get back from Vegas. And no I do not plan on playing poker while in Vegas. Sean and I are going to try our luck with Craps…

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