This week Jayson and I decided to research where EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) class’s are given in NYC. I want to get re-certified, and Jayson always wanted to take a class. While I was in an endless meeting yesterday Jay found the only place that is still taking applicants for the class. it is in Queens but right off the subway. It will cost some $$, but if we go and pay an application fee (rip off in my opinion) and sit for a comprehension test and an interview we might get in the class.

All these hoops to get into an EMT class is funny to me. I haven’t been on a call as an EMT in a while, but I was one for 6 years plus like 1 or 2 years as a CFR. I taught (as a practical skills instructor) in my last EMT class. I don’t know what they want out of an interview, but if I don’t get into the class, I don’t know who they will be having in the dam thing.

This is something that I have wanted to do for a while, so I hope we get into the class. it will be 3 nights a week. Which seems like allot since both other EMT classes and my CFR class was twice a week for like 3 hours each night. I am willing to put in the time. I just want the certification again. As crazy as volunteering as an EMT was, I enjoyed it. More news next week.

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