It is September 11. Of course you can’t forget that. Everyone is trying to remember what happened. I think we should remember all who died on that day, but sometimes I try not to remember the actual day. Maybe it is different for those who don’t live in NYC, or for those who didn’t watch everything in person. I was a very safe distance from everything, but we had a great view from our office window. Man it was a good view of southern manhattan. The one time you didn’t really want a view. Dam, a quick mention of the importance of today, and I am now thinking all about that day. I remember most of it in detail. People are right when they say you don’t forget what you were doing when something major happens. I don’t remember my morning commute or what I was doing before I heard a plane hit, but I remember everything from after breakfast on from that fateful day. Like I said, sometimes I don’t want to remember that well.

My two cents. I know I won’t forget anytime soon. In many ways that is a good thing, and a bad one. Maybe today being 9/11 is partly related to my lack of sleep. I know I couldn’t sleep for most of September 2001 either. I remember my dad was worried then. Hopefully I am just reading too much into the situation. Either way I just read a bit about some memorials that happened on MSNBC, and I got a bit upset. I will try sleeping now. Hopefully it will be a peaceful sleep. Tomorrow is another (hopefully better) day.

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