I went to apply for an EMT class today. A bit of background, I was an EMT for 6 years and a CFR for about 1 1/2 years. I did volunteering when I was in college. Since then I have not had time or motivation to really take the class again. I finally found someone willing to take the class with me, and I found a course that starts in a few weeks. Unfortunately they require a test, and interview. I took the test today. It was a basic reading comprehension test. I got a 96 on it. I only got 4% off because I rushed to finish the test. I wanted to get the interview over quick and they did it in order of who finished the tests first. When I tell you my 11 year old cousin could pass this test I would not be stretching the truth. That said it looked like people failed the test anyway.

The interview was not even 10 minutes. They said the decision boils down to first come first serve on the applications, and who passed the test. I put my application in late, but I think that is a line they tell people. I have done this before, and got high marks on the test that they value. I will find out friday if I am in or not. If I am in, the class is expensive. I never paid for one before. My squad in school always took care of the cost of the class. I think it is worth it, so I will do it if I get in.

I will have to give up 3 nights a week of my life (4 nights, 5 weeks out of the course) life until mid january. I hope work understands. This is something I want to do, and other people take classes. I figure I will end up working late other nights to catch up.

Now I wait until I hear if I got in or not. Rationally I should get in the class. My irrational part of me is worried that I wont get in. I think I just worry too much sometimes.

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