I normally blog while on my Powerbook. For this trip I took my thinkpad because of the extra battery life I have on it compared with the Powerbook. When in transit I like to blog. What to do? They now make a version of the blog software I use on my Mac for the PC, but I don’t want to shell out another $15 on ecto for the PC. I downloaded w.bloggar for the PC. I used it before, but last year when I had it, it was very buggy and I never used it due to problems. Now I have a newer version and it seems OK. the one thing it doesn’t do that ecto does is save several blog posts offline to be posted later. I have to export posts to txt files if I want to work on several at a time when offline. this is annoying, but otherwise I like the software.

While on the topic of blogging itself I think I will keep Typepad past the 30 day demo. So far I have not had a problem with it, and I like their management features. It is all around a cool service. it is allot compared to my free hosting by Gus, but the MOB and list features make it worth it for me to stick with them.

While in the air I also did some Moblogging. I got several pictures of the airplane cabin. Due to the shitty camera on my Treo most of them are blurry. I will post them when I get a chance.

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