I got a new Bluetooth PCMCIA card yesterday. I wanted to see how/if I can successfully use the bluetooth card with my Sony Ericsson T610 phone as a wireless modem. In tests yesterday things looked good. I have yet to need to test it on the road. Like I mentioned in my travel post, I had a T-Mobile hotspot in the airport in NYC.

I had a little issue getting the install shield to run on the CD of drivers that came with the card. I found the hidden exe that starts the actual install to run and got the drivers and software to install. I even paired the phone without major issue. I will put the card through its paces later this weekend.

What I didn’t like was whenever the card was inserted and I opened any network connection, the bluetooth card asked me if I wanted to use the phone to connect. annoying, but I will see if it happens again.

Besides the bluetooth card (from 3Com btw) I am also trying out the Thinkpad extended life battery. Gus and Dean have had them for months (in Gus’ case a year) but it is the first time I have used one. It is heavy compared to the old card. So far I have 80% battery life left. That is good since I have around that much % of my trip left:) I have my regular battery as a backup. Intel says you can go 8 hours with this battery. I may be pushing the spec’s on this trip.

What didn’t make the trip is my trusted (aka old) Sony cybershot camera. it is only 1.3 mega pixels but it works. Well it did up until last night. I was going to take some shots of Morgan but the camera wouldn’t turn on. that was weird since I had charged it up earlier in the week in planing for the trip. I left it with my parents to save weight. I will get it next week when I am back there, and try charging it. It may be dead, or the charge I gave it didn’t hold. not sure what yet. I need to look at that in more detail when I get back.

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