I want a new PDA. I know I have my Treo, but I cannot read ebooks on it, and the camera sucks. as a PDA phone it is good, but for other multimedia functions I need something else. I currently have an HP iPaq 1945, but for the life of me I cannot get the wifi card from Sandisk that I bought to work with it. I can’t sync the via bluetooth either. I think it is just Pocket PC being buggy. The wifi card works. it see’s wifi networks, but never authenticates right, or gets ip’s from open networks. the screen is great so I keep it for now and read ebooks on it.

I was all ready to buy a new PalmOne Zire 72, but realized that Palm ussually refreshes their product line in October. I figured I can wait and see what they come out with before I buy. If anything I can get the 72 for a cheaper price.

I figure if I sell the iPaq on Ebay and buy something else it wont cost me that much more. I got the ipaq as a present so it was free for me.

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