I didn’t really break my fasting since I didn’t fast, but it was still nice to see all the friends and family. We went to Amy, Jared, and Riley’s house. Got to see Morgan for the second time in two days so I was happy. The usual suspects were there. My parents, carrie, mike, Chery, David, their kids, nieces and nephews, and their kids, etc. It was nice to see them since I missed them last week on the second night of the new year. I spent that on a plane.

I got a ride back to the city with Carrie & Morgan. Carrie is going upstate with her sister in law loren and her husband andrew tomorrow, so she is staying over in the city. Andrew took Carrie’s truck and drove me home. Saved me from catching a cab. Ms Morgan was not wanting to sleep so they probably are having a grand old time getting her to lie down now.

It is a small world. Turns out that Andrews friend is high up in a volunteer EMS squad in the city. I am just taking the EMT class, but he said to get in touch with him so I can get an application in and become a member before I pass my test.

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