Today is the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. I am not a very religious person, but when you say it is the most holy day of the year even I stop for a minute. It is a day where you are supposed to atone for your sins and fast. I am not a big fan of temple. I get that from my dad. So we don’t go. I don’t fast since I don’t like getting migraine headaches. If I don’t eat for an entire day I will get one, so I have to eat. I am told that it is ok if you have a medical reason, so I feel guilty for eating but not that guilty.

People who know me laugh when I leave early for the religious holidays. The reason is as I said, I am not very religious. But not believing and not observing are two different things. I may believe in the religion I happen to be born into, but I don’t find it necessary to spend time observing it in an organized fashion.

Wow, that was deep. Don’t expect that kind of somber writing too often. I promise the next post will be some nonsensical post about some dumb-ass at work or some cool technical thing I am doing.

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