My EMT class starts tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting the certification again, but I am not looking forward to the class. It is allot of time commitment. I hope I don’t have issues with work regarding it. I also haven’t taken a class since I got right out of college. I am not a fan of sit down education so I hope I can sit through 3 days of class.

I also hope I can handle the medical stuff. I used to be able to do it no problem. That was why I wanted to goto medical school. Now it is years later and I am getting back into EMS, I hope I can handle it. it has been a while. I am probably just worried because the class is a big change for a few months, but I haven’t ridden on a call in years. It will be an interesting transition.

Of course if my last EMT class is any gauge on my knowledge (even if it is book knowledge) I will be ok. I got like an 86 or 88 on the last written exam I took, and a perfect score on my practical exam. High marks to live up to. I know I wont ever get a perfect mark on the practical. I don’t know how I did it the last time. I just want to live through the class and get my certification card again.

Tomorrow will be an extra difficult day at work also. Jayson is down in Baton Rouge cleaning up his house so he can sell it. He wont be back until Wednesday. Then I am off to Kingston for Thursday and Friday. That means we will be short handed at work all week. Him being gone means I will have to do some helpdesk work. I hate that, but I gotta do what needs to be done. Danny will hang out with me in my office while Jayson is gone. He likes our office since he can hide (if only a bit) from some of the developers. With him working out of my office, I am not all by myself. It gets lonely sometimes back there. other times I actually get allot done when no one is around. So after that all being said, I was looking forward to the quiet to get some extra work done with Jay gone, but Danny is cool, and it does get really quiet in my office when I am alone.

My typing hands are getting tired. It is also getting late. I was hoping to get some more writing into this blogging session, but I will call it a night. Hope to get some more writing in later this week, class permitting.

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