I am in constant change of my desk setup in my apartment. Up until today I was all set to sell my Apple Cinema Display 20″. It doesn’t work with my PC’s and a KVM like I would have liked. I don’t really want to have 2 monitors (one for my PC’s and one for my Mac) so I figured on selling the Apple display and get a standard 20″ VGA monitor. Well I was looking at the monitor before I packed it up today and I had second thoughts. The wide screen grew on me. Maybe it was using it (and its 20″ imac cousin) for a year and change. I didn’t want to give it up so quick. I just finished reorganizing and recabling my desk to put both monitors (my 17″ Acer and the Apple Cinema display) on my desk. The entire desk is now taken up by both setups. it is kind of like how I have my office desk setup. I figure if it works at work, it will work at home. I like working on my Mac anyway. I try to only work on my PC at home if I need to.

Since all my desk space is taken up by my monitors and keyboards, I have had to spread out onto other desk surfaces. I will get messy as I work but so far so good.

Man this 20″ display rocks!!! Off to bed…

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