I was out of it yesterday. I left work early (3:30PM). I got a bad migraine. We finally fixed our application problem that plagued us all weekend. Miguel finally figured it out and we were at 100% by lunch time. The lack of sleep, the constant work, etc had caught up with me by then. I started feeling like crap around 11AM. The meds didn’t work even after double dosing on it. I should have left work earlier than I did, but I am stupid.

I took an express train (thought I would hurl on the local) and walked the 10 blocks home from the express stop. The cold air helped allot. I got home and crashed. I woke up at 9PM still in pain. I bairely survived the night to goto work late today. I felt out of it, but I survived. I decided to take tomorrow off. I am feeling better now, but I figured it would be nice to just rest! Hopefully tonight I will get a good night sleep. I may have slept for 16 hours yesterday, but it was not a restful sleep.

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