I am glad I got my Mac Mini order in a few hours after it was announced. Jayson noticed that Apple’s website now says shipping in 3-4 weeks. My order status still says shipping on or before 1/21/2005, so I am happy.

While I am on Mac’s I need to point out to some employee’s I work with that it is not ok to bash me because I like Mac’s. I once hated them, and I know where you are coming from. It is still not ok to mock us. Especially if I have the ability to hire and fire you:) Those people know who they are, and hopefully know I am just kidding. If not, “I am in fact kidding”. You will be converted. Brian and I are on a quest to get our department to embrace easy computing. Jayson is already eying the mini. Kai was eyeing it, but his truck needs tires, so it is on hold for a while. he will check out the big store in SoHo when he is down next week.

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  1. Hello,

    I’ve read your site for a long time now. I found it, originally, when I did a search on the word migraine. I am a migraineur myself and had researched it for a long time.

    All of that aside, the reason I continued to read your website was related to your unique “take” on technology and the fact you are always slightly ahead of everyone else on the technology front.

    At work I produce videos and CBT products. I’m trying to make the jump to Mac. Their newest product looks like all the impetus I need to change. Encourage me!

    Kidding, I guess. I’ve lived in the PC world so long and I “want” “want” “want” to change to Mac, but I’m sooooo afraid.

    Cheers. I enjoy your site, man. Keep up the good work.

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