I am an admitted fan of Science Fiction.  In recent weeks and months I have been happy to read about some really interesting remakes.  I read this week that they will remake the 80’s film Tron.  The movie was a bit cheezy but it was still great.  I can’t wait to see how it looks with some state of the art CGI.

Another remake I just read about is the BBC show Dr. Who.  I used to watch that in the early 80’s.  it was also cheezy but good.  I guess you gotta like the 80’s cheeze.  The last Dr. Who movie they made in the 90’s sucked big time.  I am interested to see how the new show looks.  I have liked several drama’s from the BBC in recent years.  From MI-5 (spooks), to The Vice, so I hope this one is actually good.

Other remakes that have just gotten on the air are Battlestar Galactica.  One of the first movies I ever remember watching was Battlestar Galactica.  Of course that memory includes my dad having to leave the movie with me since I was really little and didn’t want to sit around anymore:)  The mini series and the first episode on the Sci-Fi Channel were good.  I have Tivo programed to get the rest of the series so I can watch it.

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