Saturday I went to Queens to go buy a suit with my dad for an engagement I was invited to. I have (had) 4 suites, but after trying them on I realized that I have in fact gained weight in the past 6 years, so it was time to go out and buy some (a) new one. I ended up with a nice black single breasted 2 button suite. It came with 2 pairs of paints, or in case I needed a less formal grey pair for some reason. I have to pick it up after alterations in a week or so. Men’s Warehouse is easy and I think I got a good deal!

After that I trekked back to Manhattan and went to Dan’s for the Jet’s game. It was a relatively small turn out so it was quiet. Of course any get together without Nelson is nice! Coop & Pierre got to play for the first time. They ran all around and it was very funny to watch them. BTW, Coop & Pierre are two dogs. Dan’s Cooper got big. I haven’t seen him in a while, and he is not the little puppy I remember. he is still funny.

The Jets lost. I didn’t really care since I don’t like football, but it was funny to watch everyone else get upset. I have to say the way they lost was not fun. They should have had that game. Oh well…

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