I traveled long and far (15-20 minutes) to Time Square last night to meet Joe & Karen for dinner. Jayson & Gretchen also joined in. Joe is in NY to help Karen move, so we all decided to get together. We ventured out in the freezing cold to get some food. We ended up at the Olive Garden on Broadway near 49th Street. It was a nice low key dinner.

We were able to catch up. Joe was in a few weeks ago, and we hung out but we don’t get together that much so it was nice to have a long relaxing dinner with everyone.

Joe tried to give me a lesson on wines. He was attempting to culture me a bit, but I still do not like the taste of wine. Even though what they were drinking was not as bad as other wine I tasted, I still was not ready to begin drinking it.

We also had an interesting run in with someone while walking to the restaurant. We were on the street and we passed by Ice Cube as he was going to his limo. A bunch of people were standing around as he was walking by. We were smarter than that and continued on our way since it was SO cold out. Of course it is my luck I get to see Ice Cube but Sunday Jayson & Gretchen stood in line with John Stewart while at the Apple store. John is like my new comedic idol, and he was in one of my favorite stores. That is what I get for sleeping in on Sundays.

Joe was prodding me to come visit him sometime down south. I want to go, but I know if I go during the work week I will not relax but end up working with him at his company for a few days. I have been known to do that before. I don’t mind it, but I need a real vacation! Karen did tempt me with being able to play Halo all I want. She pointed out that I suck as bad as her in the game so I could possibly kick her ass in it. Hmm tempting!

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