I got my Mac Mini yesterday. For a small computer it came in a massive box. Upon opening that box I found yet another large brown box.

Upon opening the smaller brown box I finally found the box for the Mini.

The box as Steve Jobs showed is very small.

First impressions was that the mini seemed heavy (for its size) and well built. Turning it on and configuring it was like any other mac. I got right into installing programs. Then I realized I needed to put the ram I purchased in it. I was not going to stick with the 256 megs RAM that came with it so I ordered a 1gig chip. The RAM upgrade was not as easy as originally led to believe, but it was doable by an end user. of course Jayson and I are both experienced computer (information systems) people and we both were a little skiddish about opening up the Mini. I never had to go buy special tools to open a computer. Read on for more details.

So Apple says the memory upgrade on the Mini is user upgradable, then does not recommend that you do it. I for one was not going to pay double for the Apple memory upgrade, so I decided to do the install myself. Macworld had a fantastic article on how to do it. They gave tons of photos, and explained what you should use to open the Mac Mini. Since I my vision is less than stellar Jayson and I ventured from my warm apartment to Home Depot by his place. There we bought the two puddy knives that the article recommended. The one criticism of the article is on what putty knives to get. The writer said get the thinest you can get. Not sure about you, but I had no idea what I was doing buying putty knives. I can do electrical or computer work, but home improvement stuff is not my thing. After feeling up a few knives we selected two that we thought were good. I include a picture of the label and the Home Depot part number in case you are like me and like exact details on tools you are going to use to open up your $500 computer. We used PN 037064091750 from home depot. Picture below:

The reason I am so specific is because if you goto a place like Home Depot you will see a wall this many options. Who knew you could have that many putty knives.

The upgrade went exactly as the review said. You have to be careful but Jayson was able to get the Mini open and ram in it with any major problems. Funny enough the only problem he did have was getting the case back on. In order to get the clips to all lock into place he had to do it in a certain way or else the back part of the case wasn’t as snug as it should be. After a few minutes of tinkering and all was fine again. Now I had maxed out my memory on the Mini. Below are a few pictures we took when we opened it up. they are not very good. Neither of us had our real camera’s. All I had was my Treo Camera Phone. It sucks in low light conditions and his place was not well lit.

The Mini found the memory right away and I was off and running from there.

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  1. Great feedback. Thank you “very” much. The information you provided was exactly what I was hoping to find.

    I went to visit the Mini tonight at my local computer store. First time I’ve seen it in person. There were some people ahead of me in line, so I had to mill around for awhile before I could actually get up close.

    I must say I’m really taken with it. Unless something really awful comes to the forefront, I think I have to buy one. Thanks again for the reports.

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