Less than 24 hours after I wrote about how good Godaddy’s hosting was I have canceled my account. It turns out that they had just recently stopped offering IMAP mail support. They did in fact advertise it, but they don’t support it anymore. I am disappointed. they had great features. The admin tool seemed easy enough. Unfortunately for me IMAP is a must. I am back to shopping around. The problem is I have yet to find an affordable (under 10 bucks a month) hosting provider that had everything just the way I want it. I know I am picky. I am in the field. I host sites (granted for my own company). I do everything a hosting provider does but for my own company. That is why it pains me to not be able to find a provider that does everything I need for a decent amount.

In the old days (before I moved to my current building) if I wanted to I could host my own website. I did it for years. Actually I have self hosted my site for almost as long as I have paid for hosting. Pondering these issues I realized I can host the site myself. I can take an old computer and drop it at a friends house. They get a free hosted website, and I can put a server in a place that does not port block web traffic. Time Warner doesn’t block ports that I know of. I have tons of friends who use them. I smell an idea coming together…

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