I love the snow. I love watching it come down from the comfort of my warm apartment. I love standing on the street and watch fresh snow fall. I am no longer a big fan of playing in the snow, but I used to be. Snow is one of those things that looks cool, and doesn’t come along so much to become a bore!

Saturday when it was snowing I decided to go out for a while. If it was poring raining on a weekend I would probably stay in, but snow is a different story.

First of all I decided to go out for two reasons. I forgot something at work on Friday, and I really wanted/needed it this weekend. That is what I get for bringing in my own gear to the office. Second I needed something at Best Buy. At first I thought I was crazy for wanting to go out. Then I realized that I lived in a city with one of the largest underground transit systems in the world. And the train I needed is about 1 block from my house. So basically I had to walk a block, and then a few blocks once I got to my station by work. That was it. Best Buy is one store down from the train station. I thought piece of cake. Guess what, it was. I even spent some extra time out in the snow because it was so nice. Cold, yes but nice.

251 22Jan05

One misconception I need to discount in this entry. My mom has said repeatedly that Doc Martin’s are not good snow shoes. if it snows out they won’t be good. Well mom I used my Doc’s Saturday in the snow with no problem. Of course after 3-5 inches of snow I probably would have needed snow boots, but I wasn’t planning on going out after that much snow.

My cousin just IM’d me. She of course did play in the snow. The joy’s of being 9.

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