Jayson, Gretchen & I drove up to the Walmart in Monroe today. It is about an hour drive, but it is worth it for cheap everything. We borrowed his dad’s car. We are not kids anymore but living in Manhattan gets us to borrow our parents wheels again. I spent way too much. Dam impulse buy of expensive electric razor. Stocked up on frozen foods, cleaning supplies, paper goods, garbage bags, etc. You name it we probably bought it. Don’t forget the real popcorn butter. Now I am going to need bigger paints after I eat all this stuff.

Jayson said I was like a cat on catnip in the store. There was just so much to get. he can make fun all he wants since Gretchen and him went twice already recently on this trip. I for one had not been to Walmart, or any really good grocery store since I moved back to NY in 2000.

The high point might be the find of a $6.54 for a toaster. Jenn if you read this, you would be proud of that deal! Of course the $150 razor probably cancels out the savings on the toaster, but I had been thinking about this razor for a while. Now in 2-3 weeks I will have nice close shaves, with no razor clips to buy anymore!

I do have to say that this Walmart had all the nice stuff that I remember from the Baton Rouge Walmart, but fending for ourselves for carts, and the sitting down greeter really ruined the ambiance. Just kidding, that actually happened but it was a good day so I won’t ruin it with bad comments about little things. Even gas was cheap. Go New Jersey with your really weird fuel rules.

Now that I am stocked up I should be good for a few months. I figure a fresh direct order is in the works on about a month or so to restock some food. Other than that I am good.

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