This site as you know it is changing. I have been asked (and I will comply) by my employer to no longer discuss work related issues on my site. As a person who is involved with security (physical and virtual) I can understand there reasoning. I may not agree with it, but I will comply with whatever guidelines are written up.

What does that mean for this site? At this moment I am not really sure. It is funny, I started writing this for me, and figured if I got people to read that was great, but not the primary reason for writing. Now almost 2 years into this journal of sorts and I kind of enjoy writing it. The problem is if you know me, my work is a major part of my life. Maybe too much a part, but that is not the topic of this discussion. It is so much a part of my life that I don’t know how this site would be without any references to work. There lies the issue. I can talk about work, but there is a fine line that I need not cross regarding what to say. It is truly simpler to not write at all about it. I am thinking about continuing to write and password protect the work posts. A unrated edition of this site kind of sounds good on some level. The irony in the request to restrict what I say is that I never mentioned where I worked. I never say my last name, nor do I mention other people’s last names.

On a related note I was/have been thinking about the site being to popular with people I work with. I like that people read the site, but I liked the anonymity. Maybe strangers reading the site is ok, but not people I know. I don’t know! The problem with anonymity is once it is broken, your ID is out there.

For now all non work related items will remain. Work items will no longer get posted on this site. I will post to a password protected part of the site. Maybe I can make stuff public a year or so after it happens? I will go back and remove work related entries for the past 6 months or so and move them to the private site. Before that time, I figure the information is not current enough to need getting moved. That will give me time to go through all the older posts and archive some stuff.

The timing of this change is ironic. I got a negative comment from who I believe is a friends fiance or he himself. I seemed to upset them. Totally not my intention to do so. I still value his friendship. Just because I don’t see him everyday doesn’t mean that I don’t value it. I was just making (in my mind and others) valid criticism about one item. That does not tarnish an overall stellar reputation. I mention this because this is part of the problem with this site. I like to vent, but I don’t want to anger people. Most people I don’t care if I anger, but I DO care about some people’s opinion’s. This to me brings back the anonymity issue. By having more people read this, I made it more difficult to write this site. That my friends may be the cause of this sites downfall. I am not sure about that yet, but it has been running through my mind. Don’t worry, this is not the end, but indeed changes are coming. Is the end near? Maybe, but not yet, or just change…

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  1. I’m very, very sorry if you got reprimanded because of my comment.I certainly didn’t mean to start an uproar. You DO have a vivid imagination as I am neither Gus nor his fiancee.

    Once again, I’m sorry.

  2. Thanks for the concern. Actually your comment had nothing to do with the changes. it was just a really weird coincidence that your post happened on the same day as other events.

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