I have a list of OS & utilities that I want to demo. I have downloaded or want to download a bunch of stuff. I never will have enough time to try everything out.

I downloaded and installed the Novell Linux Desktop. It didn’t work in VMware so I had to put it on a physical box. It is basically SuSE 9.1 with some new logo’s. I will go back to SuSE 9.1 sometime soon.

Jayson got and suggested Knoppix for troubleshooting disabled desktops and servers. it is a self contained bootable Linux CD that allows you to boot from and run the OS from a CD. Also lets you mount hard drives to get data off even if the OS is not working right. I downloaded the ISO, but I can’t seem to remember where I put it on my hard drive. I am searching for it now. Once I find it I will burn a copy and try it out. Sounds great.

Running with the same (or similar concept of Knoppix, I found UBCD4Win. It looks like a mini windows environment with a ton of utilities on a self booting CD. I am going to try that out when I get some time also.

Last on my list (for now) is building a Smoothwall firewall. It is a free (at least for the express version) Linux based firewall. I have been interested in this ever since I saw a demo of it on TechTV. I have no real need for it at home. Interesting maybe for work? I don’t know. But it is interesting enough idea that I want to try it out.

This list is enough to keep me busy for a year or so, but I want to at least browse this stuff sometime soon. So many cool items out there, and not enough free time to look at them.

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