I haven’t said anything nice about Broadvoice recently. It still rocks. It’s $10 a month unlimited in state calls plan is the only reason why I have a home phone. It is only $1.50 in tax, vs $9 in tax for the $8 dial tone service Verizon offers. And that gives me just dial tone. My $10 gets me tons of crap. The only issue with the service is the customer service. it takes forever to get someone on the phone. They are growing so I will cut them some slack for now. Thankfully I only needed to call when I had to make changes to my account. No problems so far. Lets hope it stays that way. Why Vonage can’t or wont offer some of the services Broadvoice does I don’t know. Hey vonage you would have gotten my biz if you had more than 1 phone you can simultaneous ring on, and if I could use any VOIP phone, and not just your adapter. My Cisco 7940 rocks! Can you get the weather report off your home phone? Do you want to?

Other cool VOIP products I am playing with now is Skype. Just being able to make phone calls from a pocket PC got me interested. I have the free service setup, but I have not had a chance to use it. Gus and others rave about it. I am traveling on thursday and will give it a try then. Added bonus, Skype works on the Mac or Linux!

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  1. I wanted to comment on Skype.. For a long time I was skeptical about skype, but it is half the price of broadband I think I have a year service for $50 dollars 5 dollars a month for unlimited outgoing in N. America, and then I have a incoming number which is local to my area that people can call back and reach my or voicemail.. It reallly seems to work quite well.. But you probably already know most of this.. What I REALLY wanted to recommend was this software for the blackberry pearl… It is a skype plugin that uses that unlimited data plan that I am on for my pearl to use the the skype service once I install the software on my phone… I it does the same thing as skype from your mac, and even carries over your numbers from saved skype account info, so in otherwords it carries over your contacts… So it is really easiest to set up you contacts on your mac than from the phone tho it can be done just a little more cumbersome to pull off… Again the receiver gets the 1234567 as the caller id, but the min are free if you have unlimiited data plan… BTW the skype app. also works for texting and the lot from the pearl as well. Best part is the app is only 25 dollars…

    I thought I would offer my 2 cents regarding the latest tech for both skype and the blackberry…


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