Jayson found this $999 30″ LCD TV from Winbook. I have been eyeing it ever since. I have wanted a new TV since last year. HD ready plasma’s are still too expensive for my taste. And until recently the LCD TV’s I have seen have been too small. Now I find a 30″ LCD TV within my price range. I still don’t know if I should get it. Winbook does not make their own TV’s. I don’t know who makes them. I also am skeptical since their TV is like $600 cheaper than the nearest competitor that I know of. I believe you DO get what you pay for. I want a nice review of the TV from someone other than who Winbook says to check out reviews for.

I am not anti Winbook. I have actually been tempted to buy a laptop from them several times in the past. For whatever reason I never did, but I hear good things about them. I am waiting for more information on this TV before I make a decision. But it sure would look nice hanging on my wall in my living room!

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