Started the day off with a hair cut. Then I headed down to help my friend Cari finish moving her stuff into her new apartment. My timing was off. Due to traffic I beat (she called when she thought she was 30 minutes away) her to her place. I met Karen there and we ended up waiting for like 30 minutes for Cari, Jayson & Gretchen to show up. It was funny that we ended up waiting to unpack her car longer than it actually took to unload stuff. Because there was a bunch of us, and she didn’t have much stuff, we were done in like 20 minutes. Note to sell, my original thoughts on never living in a walk up are still valid. Don’t even think about it!

After moving stuff in we went out for pizza. I mean she does live in Little Italy. For me I then headed off to the office to kill about 2 hours until I had to show up at Dan’s for poker. I got some light work in, and Jayson met me there. He had to drop off his fish to our office tank. We then both headed over to dan’s.

Turns out most people couldn’t make it to the poker night so we only had 5 people (4 if you consider jayson didn’t want to play and just came to hang out). We played a bit but not the typical tournament style. Dan lost. I made $2, Dari broke even, and Billy (Dari’s brother) took all of Dan’s money. We had a good time for a small game. Jay brought Pierre, so he and Cooper played the whole time. Watching 2 dogs play is always funny!

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