I have been sick all week. Not bed ridden flu sick or anything. Just head cold feeling like crap sick. I ended up taking off monday. I also took today off as my floating holiday. It is a major jewish holiday. Not that I observed it or anything. I slept, and watched everything anywhere close to good on my Tivo. And yes I did some work. I can’t help it.

I was going to goto my parents for dinner last night at the start of the holiday. I called my dad around 2pm asking if he could pick me up from the rail road. My plan was to leave early and be at here place so I could lie down before dinner. He was like “why are you coming?” He didn’t think I should be traveling in the crappy weather when I was sick. I told him my mom wanted me to be there. He got off the phone with me and called my mom. then next thing I know she is calling telling me she didn’t realize I was in that bad shape and not to travel out to them. I am upset because it is two weeks in a row that I missed seeing them. Probably for the best so I don’t get anyone else sick.

Not much else to report. I have eaten most of the food in my apartment. I need to order freshdirect soon. I am so bored being stuck home. More later.

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