I am so sleepy today. I woke up around 10:30, and I have been sleepy ever since. I tried to lie down and take a nape (not something I usually do) but I couldn’t fall asleep. I am done cleaning up my apartment. My parents are coming over later so I decided that my weekly weekend cleaning should be a good one. I finished most of the the work last night, but I put the finishing touches on the place this morning.

I would be watching TV now, but there is nothing good left on my Tivo or DVR. Oh I have about 100 hours of crap on them, but nothing I want to be watching now. I watched the latest episode of Spooks (aka Mi-5) last night thanks to usenet!!! All I can say is I love watching a show where no one is safe from getting killed off. Too bad US TV isn’t as good as some of the stuff coming out of the BBC.

Rich and Amanda are back from their honeymoon. They called and wanted to know if I wanted to goto a steak brunch. Now I am up for steak, but for sunday brunch? Who am I kidding? I would have said yes if it wasn’t for my parents coming over later and me being so sleepy.

At least it stopped raining in NYC!

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